A Day Of Rest.

I have been slowly working on my first-ever international commission for about 3 weeks… I’m very pregnant, and it now hurts too much to sit for long enough periods of time to get any real progress made. Fortunately for me, I had a very sweet, very understanding client who encouraged me to do whatever I could to try to avoid discomfort. Thank goodness, however, that I completed her custom portrait yesterday and mailed it out. I am exhausted but elated! Of course, someone else commissioned a custom portrait a few days ago so I’ve got to begin work on that, but I declare today to be a day of rest. (Well, aside from the billions of coaster set commissions that require my attention.) Woohoo, Christmas season!

Anyway… this is a lousy photograph of the drawing I just finished.. the little girl is actually much cuter than she appears here! It was exceptionally challenging to draw a child for the first time. Their features are so much softer. I reworked her face several times over until I got it right. I can’t wait until the client sees it in person!



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