Bomber Pedicab decal!

bomberprogress1A friend wants a decal for his pedicab. His business name, “Bomber Pedicab,” will be included in the business cards, but not necessarily in the logo, because he has to include the pedicab company name with whom he co-ops (“Bike Pimps”). Also to be included in the decal is his cab number (#23 – I added the number in the form of a tattoo). I started sketching and decided to bring it into Photoshop to do the rest of my brainstorming there. To the left here is my sketch with some type thrown in.


Here is where I’ve gotten so far in Photoshop. (Not so much.) I’m not certain how much shading or detail I’ll put into the artwork… maybe I’ll just change my mind and have nothing but solid 2D negative space art..? Anyway, this is just a couple of progress shots of what I’m up to at the moment. And if my friend hates it altogether, hey, at least it was fun practicing.

I know it looks rough now but hopefully it’ll turn into something awesome in the end.


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