Let’s Hear It For The Dogs.

taylorinprogressThis weekend I participated in a gift wrapping fundraiser for Austin Dog Alliance.  It was my first time volunteering for them, as well as my actual first time volunteering, period.  I’ve been looking for a way to get outside of my own head and focus on something bigger and how I could be of some help.  As an animal lover, I started researching local organizations and really fell hard for Austin Dog Alliance, whose mission is to promote better well-being for doggies and humans alike by strengthening and exploring the special bond we share.  The group helps foster and train dogs, and these pups are taken to visit special needs children and nursing homes and more.  As I’m drawing pets lately, I’m wondering if I can help this cause further and build my art portfolio at the same time by volunteering some free portrait work.  Here, at any rate, is a new charcoal portrait in progress of my brother’s much beloved Border Collie/Aussie mix, Taylor Renee.  Once I start filling in the nose it’ll look a lot less cartoony, I reckon. 🙂


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