Portraits, anyone?

Charcoal pencil has been my favorite drawing medium for years.  This month I was asked to sketch a portrait of a family member’s dog, Pooh Bear, from a picture taken on a phone.  The scan of the end result isn’t the greatest, but the actual portrait turned out to look much more like sweet Pooh than was expected.  It was suggested that I start sketching pet portraits for cash.  Being Bipolar II means I’m either panicking or too depressed to get out of bed, so, even on a lot of medication, I no longer seem to be able to hold down a steady job.  Is there even a chance that I can start sketching for interested pet owners?  Or are human portraits a more popular choice?  I don’t know if the person who made this suggestion was onto something or if I should abandon the notion.  I’d love to hear from someone who’s actually done this themselves…



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