Portraits, anyone?

Charcoal pencil has been my favorite drawing medium for years.  This month I was asked to sketch a portrait of a family member’s dog, Pooh Bear, from a picture taken on a phone.  The scan of the end result isn’t the greatest, but the actual portrait turned out to look much more like sweet Pooh than was expected.  It was suggested that I start sketching pet portraits for cash.  Being Bipolar II means I’m either panicking or too depressed to get out of bed, so, even on a lot of medication, I no longer seem to be able to hold down a steady job.  Is there even a chance that I can start sketching for interested pet owners?  Or are human portraits a more popular choice?  I don’t know if the person who made this suggestion was onto something or if I should abandon the notion.  I’d love to hear from someone who’s actually done this themselves…



About summerbstinson

Design Enthusiast. Also, I'm just wild about all things charcoal. Check me out on CreativeArtistForHire.com and as OneOddGirl @Etsy and as CreativeArtistForHire @Facebook.
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