Pancakes & Booze!

It’s happening again! I had so much fun at my last art show that I am itching for another one… And this time I am doing a charcoal portrait series of three female icons of 80s HORROR cinema! Now that I have had my wee bebeh, I hope this CTS will soon become a distant memory. I hope.

Pancakes & Booze FB Event Page


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Carpal Tunnel Syndrome…

…Really, really sucks when you’re already super pregnant and hurting all over but need to get one last commissioned portrait done.

Suck, it CTS. I finished it anyway. :)


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A Day Of Rest.

I have been slowly working on my first-ever international commission for about 3 weeks… I’m very pregnant, and it now hurts too much to sit for long enough periods of time to get any real progress made. Fortunately for me, I had a very sweet, very understanding client who encouraged me to do whatever I could to try to avoid discomfort. Thank goodness, however, that I completed her custom portrait yesterday and mailed it out. I am exhausted but elated! Of course, someone else commissioned a custom portrait a few days ago so I’ve got to begin work on that, but I declare today to be a day of rest. (Well, aside from the billions of coaster set commissions that require my attention.) Woohoo, Christmas season!

Anyway… this is a lousy photograph of the drawing I just finished.. the little girl is actually much cuter than she appears here! It was exceptionally challenging to draw a child for the first time. Their features are so much softer. I reworked her face several times over until I got it right. I can’t wait until the client sees it in person!


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Falcor’s Finished!

Aw. I like his sweet luck dragonny face. Charcoal on white paper, 9″x12″.


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Neverending Smudges.

Working on a little portrait of Falcor and I’m making a mess of myself. That’s charcoal for ya. But he’s starting to look a little more Falcor-ish!

Falcor in Progress

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New Horror Coasters Up On Etsy!

Check it out! I’m on a horror kick (gee, I can’t imagine why…) so I made a new set of poster coasters yesterday and just published them to my Etsy shop so y’all can enjoy them! As with all of my coaster sets, these ceramic tile coasters were handmade with love by yours truly and have handy little felt feet to prevent scratching your furniture surfaces. $20 for a set of four!


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Hello, Henry.

Shhhh…. This is a little gift for my big brother and his fiance. He’s a cute little pup, isn’t he?


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